Quick and simple auditing with Wilsons Engineering

Customer: Wilsons Engineering
Location: Bristol
Industries: Aerospace, MoD, Nuclear
Contact: Chris Wilson, Technical Director

Wilson’s Engineering soon outgrew their bespoke system and they needed a more sophisticated solution. Fitfactory has made auditing much more quick and simple.


Wilson’s Engineering, founded in 1953, is a very solid, family-run Business. They specialise in CNC machining, being sub-contractors to the Aerospace, Ministry of Defence, Nuclear, Rail, Oil and Gas and Robotics sectors. Employing thirty-one staff, they have a turnover of £2.2million per annum.

Having initially evolved from being a “jobbing shop”, Wilsons Engineering is now a recognised supplier of Aerospace and Ministry of Defence precision engineered components. Their wealth of experience and expertise, together with their machining ability allows them to be extremely flexible to the needs of their customers.

Wilsons Engineering began with a bespoke DOS-based system, which worked well initially, but by 2000 the software was no longer coping with the updates they needed. It was time to move to a more sophisticated and flexible system.

Selection Process

Chris Wilson went online and looked at a number of different systems. He selected Fitfactory because their system was compatible with the DOS System they were using, at a time when they were both planning to upgrade to Windows. Chris said it “ticked all the boxes” for them and also meant that initially they were able to run the new system in parallel with the old one.

Implementing Fitfactory

The installation and training went well. Fitfactory worked with them and made them feel part of the whole process of the implementation, so separate training was not necessary.

Chris commented, “Fitfactory is an excellent company to work with. They are proactive, give an immediate response to any questions and there is always someone available at the end of the phone to give help, advice and support.”

Impact on Business

Fitfactory’s system has become an integral part of the business for Wilson’s Engineering. Everyone in the company uses it. It allows them to run the business how they want to, giving them the flexibility they need, is transparent, making traceability easier & faster, and has made auditing simpler and quicker. Because of its efficiency, it has reduced operating costs within the company. Even their own customers have noticed the increased efficiency due to Fitfactory’s system. It has been crucial for the implementation of AS9100 and ISO 9001-2008 accreditations.

Chris said they are also part of Fitfactory’s “User’s Forum”, which is useful for end users, as it allows them to be involved in Fitfactory’s plans for their future developments .

“I could go on and on extolling their virtues…”, he said.

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