Connect your shopfloor to your boardroom

Shop Floor Data Capture

Your Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) is an extension of your production system and empowers your shopfloor operatives to perform their jobs effectively, with daily work-to lists, to connect your shopfloor to your boardroom.


Drawings & instructions

Share customer specs, detailed instructions and drawings directly to your shopfloor.

Time recording

Allow engineers to clock on and off jobs with full traceability of who did what and when.

Priority & work-to lists

Users access personalised work-to lists, organised by priority so they do the urgent work first.

Empower your shopfloor with information

Live WIP tracking

Monitor WIP in real-time as jobs as started, completed or delayed, so that you can keep customers up to date with the latest updates.

Combine SFDC with your production control and business intelligence modules, you can also share live work-status with customers.

Full audit traceability

Combined with your production control system, you can assign specific jobs to operatives based on their skills and training, to ensure only approved operatives complete certain tasks.

Meanwhile, you can track everything that’s done on your shopfloor with full traceability of who did what, when and for how long.

Designed for industry



  •  2-way communication with scheduling
  •  Share latest customer drawings in real-time
  •  Live WIP tracking to share with customers



  •  Track docketing to despatch
  •  Full Nadcap traceability
  •  Log rejects & quality issues

Perfect as part of your Fitfactory solution

When combined with other fitfactory modules, the Shop Floor Data Capture module can provide full traceability of
who did what, where and when, to streamline quality management and drive productivity improvements

For manufacturing


Tricorn: Manufacturing Production Control



Manufacturing Production Management


Digitalising shopfloors across the UK

“We are now working towards “Paperless Manufacturing”. The Shop Floor Data Capture module provides the ability to view drawings, setting instructions, tooling instructions and inspection details on the shop floor terminal. This way we can ensure that the operators always have the latest versions of all documents available to them.”

- Kristek Precision

For treatments

Metal Finishing Production Control



Production Management for Treatments


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