Achieve delivery targets effortlessly

Production Scheduling Software

With multiple machines and new jobs coming in, it can be difficult to know how to best organise your resources to optimise production scheduling. However, the Fitfactory Scheduler intelligently plans in jobs according to live capacity availability to optimise resources and achieve delivery efficiencies and cost targets.


Deliver every job on-time

The Scheduler makes it easy to improve On-time in Full delivery performance by ensuring you have capacity upfront – even before accepting a job.

  • Firstly, when you’re about to accept a job, you can perform a What-if Analysis in the scheduler to see if you have capacity or not.
  • Next, the system automatically rearranges jobs in production to find the optimal pattern to achieve current and future commitments.
  • Finally, this gives you the information you need to accept, or request a new delivery date; helping you achieve OTIF targets and maintain customer satisfaction.
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Manage resource effortlessly

Now, it’s easier than ever to manage resources across your business.

No more planning jobs only to find out that key staff are on holiday. And no more hassle to rearrange jobs if a machine breaks down unexpectedly.

Plan in work groups, holidays, absences, shift patterns & subcontracting

Automatically schedule the optimal layout to achieve outstanding delivery targets

Drag & drop jobs onto different machine groups or dates

Improve performance & increase customer satisfaction

Shopfloor integration and powerful dashboards gives you the latest information about your business wherever you are!


Real-time shopfloor updates

  • Automatically update schedules when jobs are started and completed


Powerful analytics

  • Analyse production performance
  • Analyse which jobs & tasks take longest
  • Identify orders that regularly miss targets
  • Identify where you need greater capacity

Improving production scheduling


increase in on-time delivery


reduction in work-in-progress


increase in productivity

Kristek Precision

“The scheduler is by no means bullet-proof – but it is very, very close! It has made a massive impact to our business. Also, the technical staff have been hugely helpful in getting us using the system to its fullest extent and tailoring it to our work processes.”

Kristek Precision

Perfect as part of your Fitfactory solution

When combined with other Fitfactory modules, the scheduler can help automate production planning through to delivery, with full traceability, to drive productivity improvements.


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Manufacturing Production Management


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