Capture the information that your ERP can’t


A cloud-based shop floor management solution built by engineers and manufacturers for engineers and manufacturers. Our software is designed to easily improve all aspects of Safety, Environment, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Morale on the shop floor.

The core values of the solution are dedicated to improving the efficiency and overall performance of the manufacturing shop floor by reducing the time spent on non-value-added tasks. Having one system that integrates and manages all the core information needed to operate a production line eradicates the reliance of paper-based tasks, thus reducing environmental waste and overall carbon footprint.

Digitize your shop floor

Contract Review

Engineering Data Capture


Risk Assessments

Manage processes effortlessly

  • Create standardised forms to capture information
  • Assign forms to team members
  • Team members complete questionnaires on mobile devices, on the shop floor or in the field
  • Assign actions directly from the app
  • Manage team members to resolve issues efficiently
  • Analyse results and drive continuous improvement

Simplify quality management

Full traceability log

The system automatically captures every activity on the platform, so you have full traceability of who did what, when and for how long.

Capture dynamic evidence

Take pictures directly from the app and upload documents, so you can attach clear information to each task.

Revision control

Up-issue new records to ensure your team is always using the latest version of capture forms.


Standardise data capture across multiple sites

Create a form once and share it with anyone in your organisation. Whether you’re on different sites, on the shop floor or out in the field; everyone can use the same form. No one can accidentally edit it. And everyone captures equivalent data for you to analyse and compare.

Any changes create a new version for everyone to use, so you never have someone using an out of date form.

Make more accurately informed decisions

Minimise duplicate data entry and attach documents and images to ensure you have the most accurate data possible.

Effortlessly analyse that information in the simple to use report builder. Analyse results in real-time, and share reports and dashboards with teams to drive collaborative improvements.


“By implementing the issue capture tool, we can demonstrate we are reducing times to capture and identify problems up to 48%“

Bentley Motors

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