The power of IoT, without the hassle

Using a quick and easy-to-install Current Meter sensor, Fitfactory Machine Monitoring allows you to accurately measure the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your machines and plant.


Turn any machine into a smart machine

The Machine Monitoring sensor is a small lightweight IoT device that connects to any electrical equipment, ranging from conventional CNC machines to fabrication equipment.

The sensor connects via a simple CT Clamp attached to the live power cable to capture the energy draw.

The energy draw is then recorded and transmitted wirelessly & securely to the Fitfactory Cloud where it is analysed to determine the operational status of the equipment (running/stopped).

Harnessing the power of our Machine Monitoring dashboards

We provide real-time analytics such as OEE, uptime and overall machine performance – all on a single screen!

Track machine utilisation

Transmitted wirelessly & securely

1-minute install

Bolt-on to existing machines

Perfect for Manufacturing and Treatment companies

Energy Consumption Measurement

Utilise Current Meters to accurately record energy usage in two-minute intervals, enabling precise monitoring of consumption patterns.

Output Analysis Over Time

Generate graphs that illustrate machine output over the preceding four-hour window, highlighting production peaks and troughs for targeted analysis.

Daily OEE Metric Reporting

Calculate and display live Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) percentages daily, providing a swift gauge of operational efficiency.

Real-Time Machine Activity Tracking

Implement continuous monitoring of machine activity to provide a detailed view of uptime, enhancing visibility into operational status.

Adobe Photoshop 24.0 (Windows)

Weekly Performance Analysis

Depict weekly machine performance through a pie chart, categorising time spent in ‘Off’, ‘Idle’, and ‘Active’ states, and correlating these with energy consumption for a holistic view.

Identification of Cost Reduction Opportunities

Leverage energy usage and machine activity data to highlight potential avenues for cost savings, presenting actionable insights for energy management and cost reduction.

Energy Cost Calculation

Analyse energy consumption data to ascertain the operational cost, incorporating variable energy rates to optimise for cost-efficiency.

Idle Period Energy Consumption Analysis

Monitor and evaluate energy usage during idle periods to identify and mitigate unnecessary energy expenditure.

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