FactoryTw.in: Advanced Digital Twin Technology

May 17, 2023


Here at Fitfactory we are always looking for ways to push digital manufacturing technology forward with innovative enhancements to assist various manufactures and production lines. In our efforts to achieve this goal, Fitfactory has secured two Innovation UK grants, accelerating the development of Digital Twin technology. This ground-breaking concept involves creating virtual replicas of businesses, enabling immersive experiences and investigation of technological impacts on operations in augmented reality environments.

One of the main projects this grant focuses on is FactoryTw.in, an innovative initiative aimed at addressing challenges in training and adoption of digital technologies throughout the manufacturing sector. Developed specifically to assist Manufacturing SMEs, FactoryTw.in aims to fast-track a number of technological advancements, and offer a complete package to manufacturing SMEs.


Extended Reality (XR)

FactoryTw.in utilises cutting-edge technology such as 360° VR cameras and photogrammetry equipment to capture factory shop floors and render them in 3D. This immersive experience extends across multiple platforms, facilitating training, data visualisation, and remote process and operational control. It revolutionises the way manufacturing processes are understood and managed.

XR-Based Metaverse Collaboration

With the power of the digital twin, FactoryTw.in opens up the avenue for collaboration among multiple users simultaneously within a metaverse. This collaborative platform supports synchronised text, voice, sound, and interactions across multiple platforms including both VR and mobile.

MES Scheduler & SFDC Solutions

Utilising a comprehensive scheduling system, FactoryTw.in targets customer OTIF and OEE to identify potential areas of improvement and savings. This plug-and-play solution streamlines operations and improves overall efficiency.

IIOT Sensors

By utilising flexible cost-effective IIOT sensors, FactoryTw.in captures real-time data from the shop floor, enhancing the accuracy and functionality of the digital twin. These sensors provide valuable insights into operations and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Computer Vision AI

FactoryTw.in harnesses the power of computer vision AI to digitalise human activities and operations. This technology automates shop floor data capture and scheduling. Reducing manual effort and improving accuracy.

Production Optimisation AI

FactoryTw.in optimises scheduling scenarios by combining diagnostic analytics and predictive AI. It empowers manufacturing SMEs to make data-driven decisions and improve overall production efficiency.

FactoryTw.in revolutionises production management by digitising expertise and replacing manual methods with AI-powered tools. Through fast-forwarded simulations, production planners can visualise the impact of decisions, optimising scheduling for maximum efficiency. The replayable simulation feature enables valuable training and fosters continuous improvement. Manufacturing SMEs benefit from collaboration and visibility, sharing controlled access to production issues with external partners and customers. This facilitates just-in-time practices, improved quality control, and enhanced collaboration within the supply chain.

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