Facilitating Digital Transformation with JKN Oil

May 22, 2023

Tom Barnes


JKN Oiltools Limited, have over 150+ years experience in various fields of engineering. A demand for excellence and working to high standards, while improving on daily basis, means that JKN Oiltools has become the preferred supplier to most of their customers.

With a rich history in various engineering fields, JKN Oil pride themselves on a pedigree of service and have always been fast to adapt and adopt new forms of operation, be that machinery, strategy, or modern solutions.

We recently spoke to Ian Plant, Managing Director of JKN Oil tools, about their process of digital transformation they experienced when implementing Fitfactory's digital solutions. Find out more about the selection process, how Fitfactory has helped streamline operations, and what recommendations Ian has for those looking to undergo a similar transformation in the below video:

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