Fitfactory CCO Joins Make UK Regional Board

October 24, 2022


Fitfactory Technology Group Ltd. today announced that newly appointed Chief Commercial Officer Jason Pritchard will retain his position as regional board member at Make UK Northeast. This news comes as Fitfactory also becomes members of Make UK.

As a leading membership organisation, Make UK is enabling manufacturers to connect, share, solve problems and create opportunities together. They are engaging with Government and Industry to ensure that manufacturers can overcome current challenges and improve manufacturing productivity.    

Fitfactory provides industry leading manufacturing software in the UK, to help manufacturers scale with digital technologies. Supporting more than 400 manufacturers, the company enables its customers to streamline manufacturing operations, connect and analyse disparate systems, and securely share information with customers and suppliers. 

Jason Pritchard is newly appointed Chief Commercial Officer at Fitfactory after joining the company last week. He is retaining his seat having joined in March, and believes that being members of Make UK will help Fitfactory to develop their products and services to support the manufacturing ecosystem. 

“Make UK is one of the largest manufacturing & engineering membership organisations in the UK with a voice directly into the government on subjects that affect our customers.” 

“One of our core values is to put the needs of our customers first, and I think it talks volumes that one of our directors sits on the regional board, being a voice and ears for our customers. 

We plan on feeding back general information about what our customers need from the government to support growth along with feeding back to our customer information regarding up and coming opportunities, policy changes and general information that will affect them.” 

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