Fitfactory Hire New Chief Commercial Officer

October 24, 2022


Fitfactory are delighted to introduce Jason Pritchard as our new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Fitfactory!

An experienced and forward-thinking sales leader, Jason will set the commercial vision for the business, ensuring we operate sustainably and continue to deliver value to our customers to help bridge the gap between technology and manufacturing.

Jason commented, “Joining Fitfactory is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking innovative company, with great people all striving to achieve a common goal. Having been in the industry a while, I’m excited by the bespoke position that Fitfactory sits in.

With its broad range of technology, advanced knowledge and expertise, and simple to use approach, it can bridge the gap between engineering and technology to make digital transformation achievable for all. We have the rare ability to offer both a full end-to-end system for each area of an engineering business, and modular solutions to complement existing systems in place.”

As a former Sales Director of ERP systems, Jason brings a wealth of experience to the team. He has over 12 years’ experience in Enterprise Software Sales Leadership, in which he has achieved 60% growth in turnover, improvements to sales operations and training, and increases to customer satisfaction rates.

Now, joining Fitfactory, Jason will lead the launch Fitfactory’s new SCALE initiative to help our customers improve productivity and performance by implementing modular digital technology in the simplest way possible.

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