Streamline Shop Floor Operations with SFDC for Tricorn

October 24, 2022


Shop Floor Data Collection for Tricorn

An exciting new release for the Fitfactory’s Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) is now available. Linking with our Tricorn Production Control System, the SFDC gives manufacturing engineering companies greater control of their shop floor operations, enabling increased shop floor efficiencies, streamlined communication and reductions in administrative tasks.

Working alongside the Tricorn Scheduler, many of our customers are already realising the benefits of the shop floor system. However, this new release allows even those without a scheduler to utilise its capabilities.

Here’s a look at some of the key features: for Tricorn helps engineering/manufacturing businesses to improve shop floor operations.

Prioritised work-queues

Provide shop floor staff with detailed work-to lists and electronic job packs with instructions and drawings so they have the correct information to hand when they need it.

And, you can automatically send high-priority jobs to the front of the queue to ensure that even last minute jobs are completed and delivered on time

“Before using SFDC, there could be 20 jobs with the same name. However, the SFDC allows you to open up each job and see what each one is, with drawings also attached. So it’s much easier now.”

Dave Wilson – Managing Director, Weymouth Precision Engineers

Accurate job timings and costings

You can record how long jobs take to complete, as operators can clock on and off operations with ease. This provides accurate job timings and costing in the Tricorn system and full traceability of who did which jobs, at what time. Additionally, you can automatically close off jobs at the end of the day to ensure your information is accurate.

You can also track long people spend on non-productive jobs, such as machine maintenance, meetings, cleaning, or waiting for work, so you can help everyone be as productive as possible.

SFDC Non-productive jobs

Shop floor analysis and reporting

Finally, you can bring all this information from your shop floor together with your business information in our Tricorn Dashboard for complete visibility of your operations. The dashboard allows you to analyse your production, quality, cost and delivery performance from a single location, monitor issues as they occur and identify opportunities to improve productivity.

“We are now working towards “Paperless Manufacturing” and our aim is to be as close to paperless as possible by the end of the year. Fitfactory’s SFDC system provides the ability to view drawings, setting instructions, tooling instructions and inspection details on the shop floor terminal. This way we can ensure that the operators always have the latest versions of all documents available to them.”

Ben Hellyer – Managing Director, Kristek Precision

Improve your shop floor operations

Improve your shop floor operations today by choosing Fitfactory’s SFDC for Tricorn. Call us on 03301 200 050 or email to speak to a member of our team.

If you don’t have your Tricorn system but are looking to improve shop floor operations, get in touch, and we’ll see how we can help.

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