Measuring cost and performance with Kerloch Oil Tools

Customer: Kerloch Oil Tools
Location: Aberdeen
Industries: Premium threading and the repair and manufacture of oilfield country tubular goods (OCTG)
Contact: Paula Geraghty, Business Support Manager

In comparison to their paper-based manual system, Fitfactory has sped up many processes that were previously laborious and long winded. To measure cost and performance is now much more accessible.


Formerly known as CairnToul Engineering, Kerloch Oil Tools was established in 2011 following the acquisition of Scomi Oiltools’ Aberdeen machine shop by the Broad Cairn Group.

Although the company has undergone several changes in ownership, some of its core team have worked on the Bridge of Don site for over 20 years and have gained a reputation for responsiveness, reliability and quality.

Kerloch now employs twenty staff with an annual turnover of c.£3.0m.


Kerloch Oil Tools Ltd was established 20 years ago and has had a number of owners. The company has been privately held since 2011. Based in Aberdeen’s Bridge of Don, it employs twenty people and currently has a turnover of circa £3m. The company expects further growth in their current financial year.

Operating within the Oil and Gas Industry, Kerloch Oil Tools specialises in premium threading and the repair and manufacture of Oilfield Country Tubular Goods (OCTG). A fully-equipped machine and pipe shop and skilled workforce mean they can deal with both high specification and high volume machining work, and over the years they have built up a reputation for responsiveness, reliability, quality and excellence.

Before the introduction of Fitfactory, Kerloch used a basic paper-based system using Excel spreadsheets for everything. This meant manual entries and a lot of duplication in all departments. It was not only time-consuming, but inefficient and allowed for errors to be made. In 2011 as part of the general upgrading of the business it was decided it was time to move on to a more effective system.

Selection Process

"Desktop research resulted in a short-list of three companies and visited two or three companies where the system was being used. Part of the selection process was to consult with then-current users of the system to gain insights in to their experience. Fitfactory came out top in the selection process".

Implementing the System

"The installation and initial training took place in April 2013. It took two or three days and went well. Fitfactory supported us well through our journey. Ongoing training is available and back-up and support from Fitfactory has been really good. The team are always helpful and quick to respond to any questions or queries".

Impact on Business

" Fitfactory’s system has made a huge difference to the business. All departments are able to use it for their particular area of work, we are able to measure costs and performance more readily and it has made everything faster and more efficient. Kerloch has been upgrading all our business processes to meet the demands of our customers as we migrate to supporting the major engineering companies who support the oil and gas industry. Fitfactory is a key component of that upgrade and has performed well in this role".

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