Low cost growth with Van Driel Engineering

Customer: Van Driel Engineering Ltd
Location: East Harling, Norfolk
Industries: Welding, Fabrication and Sub-Contract Precision Engineering to many sectors
Contact: Mark Van Driel, Managing Director

The manual system in use was not adequate, Van Driel needed a solution that allowed for growth at a low cost. Fitfactory was the best option for them. /p>


Van Driel Engineering was founded by Stephen Van Driel in 1987. Stephen still owns the business and son Mark took over managing it in 2002 when Stephen was preparing to retire. They currently employ 14 staff and last year had a turnover of £1.2m. Based in south Norfolk, they are conveniently placed with road links to London, South-East and the North. They offer a welding, fabrication and sub-contract precision engineering service to a wide range of customers – The Arts, Vehicle, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical Industries. As Mark says, “Everything needs engineering of some sort, from a toothbrush upwards.” They have a strong team with a high level mix of skills and experience and “by working together, we are able to give our customers what they want, when they want it and at a fair price.”

When Mark took over running the company, everything was managed on a manual system – literally, hand-written documents, files and binders. He was aware a better system had to be installed!

Selection Process

Mark worked with this method for almost a year, before seeing the Fitfactory software at an Engineering Trade Show, but still didn’t follow it up. It was when Fitfactory contacted him that he looked more closely at the system and realised it was perfect for engineering companies. As Mark said, “A lot of software is designed by IT engineers, whereas Fitfactory’s is designed for Manufacturing and Engineering Companies by Engineers, who understand what is needed”.

Implementing Fitfactory

The system was installed in 2008 and went well. The help, support and back-up are excellent. “They are always there at the end of the phone if you need them and work remotely, which saves time.”

Impact on Business

Mark said, “Fitfactory has made an amazing difference to running the business. It has transformed the office, made us more efficient and made traceability easier and faster, which has benefited not only us, but the service we are able to offer to our customers. It has helped us to grow and saved us having to employ two further members of staff. I firmly believe it is the best system on the market – it does exactly what it says on the tin.”

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