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As a fast growing company, Colour Anodising ideintified the need for a scalable and configurable system that would provide faster booking times, quicker jobs to production, and greater visibility of processes.

faster booking with colour anodising

Company Profile

Established in 1938 and based in Manchester, Colour Anodising Ltd. has a long history in special process manufacturing in the UK. Since being bought in the mid-80s by David Buckley, Colour Anodising have specialised in Commercial, Aluminium, Safety Equipment, Automotive and architectural anodising, developing a reputation for excellence. Their industrious 63-man strong work force require support from production technologies to maintain the desired levels of quality, and continue to grow as a business. The legacy system in place supported the business initially, but as Colour Anodising continued to grow, they needed a more configurable system that could scale with the business.

The Selection Process

Current Managing Director, Jonathan Buckley, described the decision to move to Fitfactory’s. system as an easy one. He stated that the wealth of experience possessed by the directors of Fitfactory assured him that switching to their system would be hugely beneficial to Colour Anodising Ltd. “They’re a team I can trust based on their previous experience and success in the market”.

Implementing the System

“The changover process was great. It was progressive, while we used both the legacy system and Fitfactory’s in parallel, to ensure there was no disruption of service. It began with one customer, eventually moving to a whole plant, then the whole system was migrated.”

Implementing the System

Generating improvements throughout the business

“We’ve seen improvements in almost every area of the business. The system has provided greater visibility of our processes, and it’s easy to share information around the business, so we can make decisions more effectively, and efficiently. As a result, booking in is now 50% faster, jobs to production is 30% quicker, and we’ve seen a rise in customer satisfaction.”
Faster Booking in Times
Quicker Jobs to Production

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