30% increase in efficiency with Metspin

Customer: Metspin Ltd

Location: Southbourne, Hants

Industries: Aerospace, Nuclear and Pharmaceutical

Contact: Chris Pearce, Stores Manager


In 2011, Metspin were using a manual system in conjunction with a database facility. However, as they looked for more flexibility and control of their business, they needed to look at alternatives. As an established metal spinning company with over 30 years in the market, it was vital that Metspin could continue to deliver high-quality a service to customers. Together, we put together a plan that ensured continuity of service during the implementation period, and within months of going live, Metspin were experiencing significant efficiency improvements. Now, 10 years on, they are a renowned metal spinning company in the UK with new accreditations in aerospace, space, defence and medical.

An Introduction to Metspin

Metspin is one of the UK’s most experienced and renowned metal spinning companies and has been spinning more than 40 years. Based in Hampshire, it provides specialist solutions to the Aerospace, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical and Filtration markets

As soon as you enter the Metspin complex you will notice the many different ranges of the metal spinning process in progress. Silver and pewter goblets are sculpted by artistic craftsmen, air conditioning canopies and Venturis, measuring 8ft in diameter, pass by ‘en-route’ to the despatch area. Jet engine intake and exhaust cones are formed in inconel and nimonic steel by highly skilled craftsmen operating state-of-the-art CNC spinning lathes.

The company employs 18 people and has been established for 31 years with an approximate turnover of £1.5m per annum.

Selection Process

Like many engineering firms, Metspin had a manual system that was operated in conjunction with a database facility. The manual system had failed which left them no choice but to investigate what systems were available that could integrate with their database, which, fortunately still had a back-up facility operational.

Metspin researched the market for software companies who could deliver a system that would work with their existing database. This resulted in a short-list of just two companies and it was felt that Fitfactory would be the best option for Metspin going forward.

Chris Pearce, Stores Manager said, “Fitfactory was the only company that we felt would be able to deliver continuity of operation for our business as well as enabling us to integrate our existing database resource to a much greater level than anyone else.”

Implementing Fitfactory

“All aspects of the implementation processes were excellent. The installation period was very well managed and delivered to an extremely high standard. The training of our team was very professional and excellent in all ways.”

“The “Go-Live” process was eased by the incredibly helpful and supportive approach from the Fitfactory team who were always there to guide us and answer any questions that we had, no matter how small.”

Impact on Business

Metspin has experienced a 30% increase in efficiency since they decided to deploy Fitfactory throughout the company. The new level of control and management this has given them means that their drive for AS 9100 Rev. C. Aircraft Accreditation System is now more feasible than before. This exciting step will make them one of the few companies in the UK to reach this standard.

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