Introducing: Fitfactory MES

June 6, 2023

Tom Barnes

Here at Fitfactory Technology, we've been hard at work listening to the needs of modern manufacturers like you. We know that an efficient and streamlined production process is crucial for success, but we also know that you can't always make the necessary production shifts when you need them. This is why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new manufacturing Mobile Execution System (MES). This cutting-edge solution is designed to revolutionise the way you manage and optimise your manufacturing operations, all in ONE APP.

So what is Fitfactory MES exactly, and how does it stand to help you and your production process become more agile? Well, the main areas we identified where manufacturers would benefit from come down to three simple words: Monitor, Control, Optimise. These are the three core pillars of Fitfactory MES and what we based our 'on-the-go' model around. So lets break down Fitfactory MES:

Monitor with SFDC

Built directly into Fitfactory MES is a simple to use, comprehensive Shop Floor Data Collection suite capable of feeding the information you need from your shop floor directly to you without manual data collection. Real-time visibility of shop floor activities and status is achieved through intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports. Our main goal is to enable you to stay informed about ongoing operations, identify bottlenecks, and take proactive measures to ensure smooth production processes.

The system aims to capture and record labour costs and times associated with your ongoing jobs, enabling accurate tracking and analysis of resources utilised.

Another significant aspect of the system is the ability to monitor and record non-productive time, offering a holistic view of the utilisation of resources. By comparing non-productive time against machine monitoring uptime, businesses can identify factors affecting overall productivity and implement strategies to minimise downtime.

Control with Machine Monitoring

The Fitfactory MES system also comes with a complete, real-time suite of monitoring of machine tools to help you gauge the status and performance of your machines, giving you instant visibility into the operational health of your hardware. Proactive decision-making is the key to modern industry 4.0 manufacturing, and taking prompt actions to address any issues with your machines is the foresight needed to ensure your production line isn't hit with critical delays at the worst times .

Machine utilisation and downtime are efficiently tracked and visualised through Fitfactory MES, providing valuable insights into how machines are being utilised and identifying potential bottlenecks. Paired with our previously mentioned SFDC tools, you can start to connect the dots to identify where downtime is originating from, and take direct machine control to combat it.

Historical data storage and analysis capabilities then enable you to study trends and patterns in machine performance over time. This aids in identifying areas of improvement and implementing predictive maintenance strategies to minimise unplanned downtime and optimise maintenance schedules.

The system also includes alert generation and notifications for machine downtime and reason codes. This feature ensures timely notifications to relevant stakeholders when a machine goes offline, helping to minimise production disruptions and facilitate prompt troubleshooting.

Optimise with Production Scheduling

With the insight of SFDC reporting and the control of Machine Monitoring, all that's left is an effective way to implement the right strategies for your production line.

Fitfactory MES also has this covered with optimised production schedules that consider various factors such as available resources, production capacity, and customer orders. Efficiently plan and allocate resources to meet production demands while ensuring customer satisfaction based on informed knowledge and full control over your production.

Prioritising and sequencing production orders is a crucial aspect of the system, allowing you to more comfortably meet customer deadlines and demands effectively. By considering constraints such as machine availability, material availability, resource capacity, and skill requirements, the system optimises the order in which production tasks are executed.

By integrating various constraints and considerations into the production scheduling process, the system helps you to achieve optimal resource utilisation, minimise delays, and streamline production operations.

By leveraging these features, you can optimise resource allocation, meet customer demands efficiently, and continuously improve their manufacturing processes. This coupled with your SFDC reporting and Machine Monitoring capabilities give you all the tools you need to transform your production line and improve OTD without the complete up-ending of your entire production-line. Learn about your trends on-the-go and make adjustments over time rather than a disruptive system overhaul.

Where is Fitfactory MES Launching?

Fitfactory Technology will be launching the new next generation MES solution at the 2023 Smart Factory Expo at the Birmingham NEC over June 7-8th. We will be offering show-floor demos and tutorials of the system with the chance for you to speak with our team on what exactly the system can do for your production line.

Presenting in Hall 4, Stand H100 we're excited to be hosting the launch of our MES solution, and we can't wait for you to get your hands on it.

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