Tricorn: Production Control Software now available with Fitfactory

October 24, 2022


Leading Production Control Software, Tricorn, is now available through Fitfactory Technology Ltd.

With more than 280 UK customers using the platform, Tricorn is one of the leading production control systems for manufacturing SMEs in UK. Established in 1986, the company has a proud reputation of providing simple to use software that helps customers improve productivity. And we are delighted to bring this to our customers through Ftifactory.

Enabling digital transformation

Now, building on Valuechain’s successful acquisition of Tricorn Systems Ltd. in 2016, Fitfactory has been launched to form the next chapter in the company’s history. We have combined the teams, clients and solutions of three existing companies: Tricorn Systems, DNAsp and Valuechain Technology, to help manufacturers on their digital transformation.

As Fitfactory CEO, Tom Dawes explained when launching the company amidst the Covid-19 pandemic “Our purpose is to help manufacturers get their operations fitter, which will be critical as we enter a potentially protracted recession. Therefore, by digitalising streamlined and agile processes – supported by real-time business intelligence – they will both survive and be equipped to seize market opportunities, such as major on-shoring initiatives.”

Tricorn: the core building block

The existing suite of Tricorn products are still available via the new Fit for Manufacturing solution.

Importantly, as a production control system, Tricorn forms the building block of any SME’s digital transformation. However, combining these companies, allows us to improve the technology on offer as well. By integrating with Valuechain and DNA systems, Fitfactory will offer modules alongside the Tricorn system, to enable additional functionality, including:

However, with the rapid advancements of technology in recent years, it is important that software is not delivered in isolation. Therefore, we believe that technology is only part of the solution, alongside process and technology. Any software implementation includes an element of change management. A change to how your business and individuals in the company operate.

With decades of experience delivering software, we’re able to deliver critical guidance to our customers. This not only helps them to implement software, but with their whole digital transformation.

Furthermore, our new initiatives include digital productivity diagnostics, workshops and providing physical Fitfactory demonstrator facilities across the country. Together, these platforms will help companies benchmark their current digital capabilities against similar companies, provide a roadmap for the first steps to take on their digital transformation and offer practical hands-on experience of the benefits that a digitally optimised ‘Fit’ factory can bring to manufacturers. 

These new tools, alongside the new services on offer ensure that Fitfactory builds on:

Building for the future

Also, also making a significant investment in a state-of-the-art modular production control system which will launch in Q2 2021. Fitfactory CTO, Michael Schraps, explained: “We’ve seen manufacturers increase their use of digital technologies over recent years. However, the lockdown period has rapidly accelerated demand for cloud-based technologies that facilitate remote, collaborative working and enable secure information exchange with customers and suppliers.

“The new Fitfactory platform will combine the most valued features of our existing solutions with integrated business intelligence to transform productivity.”

Start your digital transformation

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