Fitfactory now listed on Made Smarter

October 24, 2022



Fitfactory Technology Ltd., including their DNAsp and Tricorn MRP systems, are now listed as a technology provider for Made Smarter, a platform that unites people with the digital tools, innovation and skills they need to make an everyday difference to their business.

After launching in 2019, Made Smarter launched an initiative which has seen them invest £147 million into UK manufacturing, and helping over 500 companies to adopt digital technologies.

Fitfactory’s aim is to help companies through their digital transformation to get learner, more agile and more productive for Industry 4.0, so becoming a technology provider for Made Smarter is a big step in the right direction, proving that they are a leading provider of digital technologies in the UK.

What is the Made Smarter Programme?

Made Smarter was created following an industry-led review of how UK manufacturing businesses can thrive by utilising digital tools and innovation techniques. With Industry 4.0 on the horizon, it’s vital that manufacturers find smarter ways to provide for the country and tackle their biggest challenges.

As the Co-Chair of Made Smarter, Juergen Maier CBE stated “At its core, Made Smarter will be helping local manufacturing businesses to innovate, creating new opportunities and technologies in the process. It’s a hugely exciting time and I believe this truly a once in a generational opportunity to boost productivity and create the high value, highly paid jobs of the future”.

To date, the Made Smart programme has enabled hundreds of manufacturers to undertake a variety of digital transformations, such as the adoption of state-of-the-art automation technology, virtual showrooms for specialist medical technology, 3D printing abilities, and automated tools that can improve product quality whilst substantially reducing waste.

The aim of Made Smarter fits seamlessly with that of Fitfactory’s, and the funding supplied by this programme will just accelerate Fitfactory’s goal of helping manufacturers to make their operations fitter.

Fitfactory will play a key role in transforming the UK manufacturing industry by providing software to those who need it and utilising over 25 years’ experience to enable businesses to improve digital productivity. 

About Fitfactory

Whether you’re looking for a production control system or embedding AI and 5G in your factory, Fitfactory combine technology innovation with experience to help you to implement a solution to help you grow. From a Production Scheduler to a complete ERP system, Fitfactory can help you to not only survive, but to thrive through Industry 4.0.

On becoming an approved technology provider

The Made Smarter programme has approved a number of technology providers, ranging from those that provide Electronic Batch Records (EBR) software and IT solutions, to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and Robotics providers.  

If you’re hoping to get involved in the Made Smarter programme, the first step is to register your interest on their website. A member of their team will then give you a call to arrange a tailored business assessment, before a follow-up with a technology specialist who will support you with your application. After your application has been completed, it will be presented to a panel consisting of industry, academic and business support experts. You’ll know if you’ve been successful for funding the very same day, and after this, you’ll be able to select the suitable technology providers for your business. This is where you will be able to choose Fitfactory’s products as an option, and you can easily have a chat with Fitfactory directly to ensure suitability.

Alex Knight, Fitfactory CMO commented “When Made Smarter initially launched, there was a lot of talk about ‘industry 4.0’ and ‘digitalisation’, but there was a huge gap in information about exactly what it is, and the benefits it could bring to manufacturers – especially SMEs. Now, manufacturers are significantly more ready to adopt these technologies, thanks to Made Smarter, through raising awareness and educating the market. We’re excited to be approved as a digital technology provider, as it validates our vision and that we are able to provide value to manufacturers.”

Start your digital transformation

For more information on how to embark on your digital transformation journey, speak to a member of our team today. Don’t forget, if you’re interested in the Made Smarter programme and feel that your business could benefit, you may be eligible for funding. Register your details on Made Smarter’s website to find out more.

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