How to SCALE Manufacturing with Digital

October 21, 2022


It seems “digital transformation” is the phrase on everyone’ lips these days. Whether it’s deploying robots, 5G or the Industrial Internet of Things, stories of manufacturing companies adopting technologies and seeing some benefits are everywhere. However, according to MAKE UK, while 89% of manufacturers are planning to use digital technology, only 55% are currently using them. And many of those not yet adopting digital fall into the SME category. Additionally, the UK ranks 23rd out of 28 counties in Europe for digital adoption. So, the question remains: How can we SCALE manufacturing with Digital?

The Industrial Digital Technology Landscape

With every new emerging technology, 100 new providers come with it offering their unique take – all of them can demonstrate why theirs is the one you need. While each of these solutions has its place in your factory, it’s important to have a clear roadmap and strategy in place before investing in digital technologies, to ensure it aligns with your goals.

Yet, this is where we see a crucial challenge. Due to the lack of financial support, any purchase of digital technology needs to generate short-term ROI. So, you may be looking for quick wins rather than focusing on a long-term approach that aligns with your business strategy.

This can also create silos between departments. So, while manual processes previously caused inefficiencies, it’s now the communication between the disparate digital systems which is holding you back, and in some cases negating the benefits you initially gained.

This leads on to the next problem, which is that technology providers tend to fit into one of two categories:

  1. A tool or platform specialising in solving one niche problem or serving one sector very well, or
  2. A one-size-fits-all solution that encompasses a broad range of functionality but doesn’t align with your business or sector

Unfortunately, both of these create the same issue: Gaps appear that you need to use manual systems or buy more technology to integrate them.

Fortunately, Fitfactory’s SCALE programme can help with these challenges.

SCALE with Fitfactory

At Fitfactory, we have more than 25 years of experience in delivering technology for manufacturing. And we now support more than 400 manufacturing, engineering and treatment houses in the UK, with systems tailored to their business and industry.

Additionally, we offer an end-to-end solution for digital transformation that takes companies from their first MRP system, through to the Internet of Things, 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chain Big Data. Everything is configurable to your business processes, modular so that you only buy what you need when you need it, and it’s all connected to bring all parts of your factory together under one platform.

We’ve brought all this knowledge and technology into a structured framework to give you the platform to SCALE your business through digital productivity.

SCALE stands for Streamline, Connect, Analyse, Level-up and Extend. These are the 5 stages of Fitfactory’s digital transformation programme:

  1. Streamline manufacturing operations through MRP and Scheduling software,
  2. Connect your factory across people, plant, products, processes & partners,
  3. Analyse real-time data to generate actionable insights & optimise performance,
  4. Level-up customer service by sharing real-time data upstream and downstream, and
  5. Extend your supply chain ecosystem to increase resilience and mitigate risk.
Streamline, Connect, Analyse, Level-up and Extend SCALE with Fitfactory
Fitfactory’s SCALE framework – enabling manufacturers to SCALE through digital

How does SCALE work

To begin the SCALE process, we start with strategy. We work with you to conduct a diagnostic and understand your business, strategic goals, and current digital maturity. Then, we build this into a personalised roadmap to achieve some quick wins that make a significant impact while also building towards your long-term vision.


The first step is to streamline operations. By streamlining operations and implementing robust digital processes, you can quickly adapt to changes and mitigate risks while building the foundation for digital transformation. Fitfactory provides modular MRP systems tailored to engineering, manufacturing, and surface treatment companies.


As you digitise core processes, the next step is to link disparate systems and integrate business functions. We provide technology to connect your people, plant, products, processes & supply chain partners. This enables you to automate data processing, bridge internal silos and enable paperless manufacturing.


Next, you need robust data analytics to structure information and analyse business performance. At Fitfactory, we bring all your data into one central location in real-time. You can create personalised dashboards and set up rules and actions to alert you when exceptions occur and help you turn insights into actions.

Level-Up Customer Service

You are only as strong as your supply chain, and the next stage is to level-up customer service to be an active contributor to supply chain performance. Share real-time information with customers to communicate job progress, and collaborate downstream to improve collaborative innovation.

Extend Ecosystems

The final step is to focus on growth and create your extended supply chain ecosystem. Promote your business capabilities worldwide to identify cross-sector opportunities and expand into new markets. Utilise Big Data to mitigate supply chain risks and identify new potential suppliers to increase resilience.

How SCALE helped Weymouth Precision Engineers

Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd. supply high-quality CNC machined components to industries such as aerospace and automotive. When current Managing Director Dave Wilson took over the business in 2013, they had an order book of just £500.

Their first step was to implement a production control system from Fitfactory. Over the last 8 years, they have built upon that, adding in Shop Floor Data Collection, Scheduling and Advanced Reporting as they have expanded to new premises, gained AS9100 accreditation and grown to an order book of over £5m.

As Dave himself put it, “We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for Fitfactory and our digital transformation.”

Fitfactory supporting Weymouth Precision Digital Transformation

How to learn more

Over the next 3 months, we’ll be introducing more SCALE components via our website, email and social media platforms. Telling you all about each stage of the process, the products in each step, and case studies demonstrating the benefits our customers see through working with us.

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