Streamlining business performance with Metafin


A well-known company in the Surface Finishing industry, Metafin Group Holdings were using a legacy system in 2013. However, restrictive planning, tracking and visibility of their business left them wanting a new system to help them achieve their goals. By working closely with them, we were able to implement our DNAsp production control system to provide better control and visibility of business performance and priorities to improve decision making.

Metal Finishing Electroplating Metafin

Company Background

Metafin Group Holdings Ltd. are experts in surface finishing, offering the latest coating technology in the form of Electropainting and Powder Coating to the most stringent of customer specifications.

With over 150 employees, Metafin supply the automotive, industrial and agricultural sectors and are experienced in coating all types of components and substrates from laser cut pressings and fabrications to all sizes of castings.

Challenges Prior

When we spoke to Metafin in 2013, it was clear that their legacy system, despite being designed for treatments, didn’t fit their business requirements. Tracking jobs through the factory was near impossible, and while they automated paperwork, they lacked the visibility to have full control of their production data. Their top challenges included:

  • Lack of Performance Visibility
  • Very manual processes to generate performance measures
  • Limited Tracking – Couldn’t see where jobs were up to and when they’re due
  • Manual Planning – No decision support for production planning
  • Fragmented Processes – Slow order entry and dispatching processes
  • Slow Customer Updates – Very manual process using spreadsheets to provide customer updates

Our Solution

Fitfactory provided a whole package solution configured to the DNA of Metafin’s business processes, multiple shop floor touch screens to capture real time WIP tracking and job costing.

  • Advanced Reporting & dashboards generated automatically and accessed through mobile devices
  • Dynamic WIP Tracking through integrated touchscreens
  • Planning Decision Support to balance customer demand and optimise production efficiencies
  • Streamlined business processes from quotation through to invoicing
  • Customer Portal providing online access for customers to track job progress and KPI

Impact on Business

“Better control and visibility of business performance and priorities to improve decision making. We aren’t wasting time looking for jobs on the shop floor anymore, increasing efficiency. Through proactive planning processes, we have increased our productivity. As well as this, we have gained greater responsiveness, as jobs take significantly less time to process and launch on shop floor. Our customer satisfaction has increased after providing customers with unprecedented order book visibility.

“Historically we had to produce many production planning reports to release to the shop floor, since introducing the system we have reduced this task considerably from what used to take 4 hours a day, can now be done in 10 minutes.”

– Stephan Banks, Production Manager

“The system provides us with a streamlined system that manages all our paperwork seamlessly and provides us with advanced reporting and analysis to continually improve and grow our business.”

– Paul Bundy, Managing Director

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