Seamless tracking of parts with FT Gearing Systems

Customer: FT Gearing Systems Ltd
Location: Aldershot, Hants
Industries: Precision Components & Gear Technology for Aerospace & Defence
Contact: Nigel Fitzgerald, Director

FT Gearing Systems historically used a paper based system to track processes, but with Fitfactory’s solution, tracking of parts is now seamless.


FT Gearing Systems Ltd was founded in 1978 by Des Fitzgerald. The business is now run by Des’ sons, Graham and Nigel. It currently has a staff of 85, and it holds accreditations including ISO9001:2008 & AS9100:2009 – IAOG (OASIS).

Selection Process

Director Nigel Fitzgerald commented, “Prior to implementing the system from Fitfactory, FT Gearing ‘s processes were paper-based. We looked at JobShop but preferred the ease of using Fitfactory.”

Implementing the System

The system was installed soon after we became FT Gearing and went well. Nigel continued, “We have since implemented Fitfactory’s scheduling and shop floor data capture systems (using bar-code scanners to record job times). We recently installed Fitfactory’s Dashboard on a number of PC’s which gives us visibility of key tasks as well as highlighting potential risk areas.”

Impact on Business

Nigel said, “this system has made a big difference to running the business. Tracking parts through our works from quotation to manufacture to sales and invoicing is now seamless. The Fitfactory support team is always very helpful and addresses any issues/questions we have promptly.”

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