Facilitating smooth MRP implementation with Joss Engineering


Joss Engineering, founded in 1982, has emerged as a leading engineering solution provider in the UK. Initially established to cater to the shipbuilding industry in Barrow-in-Furness, the company has since expanded its operations and diversified its customer base, serving both domestic and international markets within the aerospace, precision engineering, and industrial supply industries. With a commitment to delivering products of exceptional quality and ensuring prompt turnaround times, Joss Engineering has gained a strong reputation as a reliable partner for engineering requirements. Operating from three manufacturing sites within the UK and exporting to countries worldwide, the company has positioned itself as an ideal choice for businesses seeking comprehensive engineering solutions.


Established against the backdrop of Barrow-in-Furness, a prominent hub for shipbuilding activities, Joss Engineering recognised the need for specialised engineering support in the sector. Commencing operations with a mission to provide tailored solutions that met the rigorous standards of the shipbuilding industry, over the years the company has successfully adapted to evolving market demands and expanded its capabilities to serve a broader range of industries including aerospace and precision engineering as well as a number of aeronautical companies with aerospace fasteners.

Joss Engineering prides itself on being a trusted partner for all engineering requirements. The company places great emphasis on fostering long-term relationships with its clients, based on trust, reliability, and effective collaboration. By closely engaging with customers, Joss Engineering gains a deep understanding of their unique challenges and requirements, enabling the company to offer tailored solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Through open communication and a customer-centric approach, Joss Engineering ensures that its clients receive the highest level of service and satisfaction.

With a commitment to international growth, Joss Engineering has established itself as a key player in the global market. The company's manufacturing operations span three strategically located sites in the United Kingdom, facilitating efficient production and distribution processes. By strategically exporting its products to over twenty countries worldwide, Joss Engineering has successfully penetrated international markets and gained a competitive edge. This global presence allows the company to cater to the diverse needs of its international clientele and contribute to the development of various industries across different regions.

Selection Process

Previously, Joss Engineering relied on Factory Master MRP to streamline their manufacturing operations. While the system offered basic functionalities, it became increasingly evident that it did not fully align with their specific production requirements. The company faced several pain points, including a lack of customisation options and limited adaptability to their evolving needs. Joss Engineering realised that to remain at the forefront of the engineering industry, they needed a more tailored and flexible MRP solution.

Recognising the importance of finding a system that could accommodate their unique production processes, Joss Engineering embarked on an extensive search for a new MRP partner. After careful evaluation, they discovered Fitfactory's Tricorn, a comprehensive MRP system that offered advanced features and a personalised partnership approach.

James Richards, Joss Engineering Commercial Director stated the following: "We had our old MRP system for 10+ years & the change to Tricorn and the implementation process was a pretty scary thing to comprehend."

One of the key factors that attracted Joss Engineering to Tricorn was its ability to adapt to their specific production requirements. Unlike their previous MRP system, Tricorn offered a high level of customisation, allowing Joss Engineering to tailor the system to their workflows and unique manufacturing processes. This flexibility was crucial for, as they understood the importance of optimising their operations to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, Fitfactory's personalised partnership approach resonated strongly with Joss Engineering's core values. The company believed that building long-term relationships based on trust and collaboration was vital for success. Fitfactory demonstrated a genuine interest in understanding Joss Engineering's business objectives, challenges, and future goals. This deep level of engagement and the commitment to working closely with Joss Engineering was a pivotal factor in their decision to transition to Tricorn.

Implementing Fitfactory

Fitfactory collaborated closely with Joss Engineering to ensure a smooth implementation of Tricorn, meeting a tight deadline without compromising quality. Recognising the urgency of the transition, Fitfactory's experts swiftly assessed Joss Engineering's existing workflows and pain points, tailoring Tricorn to address their specific challenges. Their partnership approach facilitated a deep understanding of Joss Engineering's unique requirements, allowing for seamless incorporation into the system.

"The entire Fitfactory team has been awesome, especially Fred. I can’t thank him enough for his exceptional patience with us in making sure we didn’t head into this blind."

Leveraging their expertise and technical knowledge, the Fitfactory team provided invaluable insights and recommendations throughout the implementation process. A close partnership ensured a quick turnaround, enabling Joss Engineering to meet tight deadlines and minimise disruption to their operations. Fitfactory's commitment to customer success extended beyond the initial implementation phase, as Fitfactory continued to provide comprehensive training, ongoing support, and timely updates to ensure Tricorn remained aligned with Joss Engineering's evolving needs.

The transition from the Factory Master MRP system to Fitfactory's Tricorn has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from Joss Engineering. The implementation of Tricorn has proven to be highly beneficial, providing a level of functionality and ease of use that surpasses their previous system. The team at Joss Engineering has expressed their satisfaction, with James stating:

"We are loving it. For a system capable of such complexities (if needed!) it’s extremely user friendly & only as complicated as you make it. We have been running on Tricorn for around 2 months now. Every day is still a school day! However not the daunting task it once seemed."

The success of the transition to Tricorn has solidified Fitfactory's reputation as a trusted partner for Joss Engineering. The ongoing support and commitment to customer success ensure that Joss Engineering can continuously adapt and evolve their MRP system to meet changing business needs. This collaborative approach fosters innovation, efficiency, and growth within Joss Engineering, propelling them forward as a premier engineering solution provider in the global market.

Joss Engineering's partnership with Fitfactory has not only provided them with a tailored solution but also a reliable and supportive relationship. With Tricorn's advanced features and user-friendly interface, Joss Engineering is empowered to drive continuous improvement, make data-driven decisions, and maintain their position as industry leaders.

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