Advanced visibility of demand with Alloy Heat Treatment


Alloy Heat Treatment aimed to improve customer service levels and internal productivity, as well as gaining an increased visibility of demand.In addition, they had the goal to increase multi-tier supply chain competitiveness of the UK aerospace sector.


Challenges facing aerospace special process companies such as Alloy Heat include:

Critical operation in aerospace supply chain – often final operation before delivery so orders can be late before components have arrived for treating!

High variety of parts, processes and specifications

Volatile demand – poor inter / intra SME planning – ‘infinite capacity’

Increasing legislation & compliance – NADCAP / REACH

Rising utility, labour and chemical costs vs OEM cost down pressures

Technology Innovation

Fitfactory’s system was ideal for Alloy Heat because it integrated with the disparate customer systems to provide advanced visibility of demand. It also acts as an intuitive decision support tool that utilises advanced demand data to optimise service level adherence, turnaround times and productivity.

Intuitive Decision Support Tool Productivity Global Competitiveness

Project Successes

After implementing the Fitfactory system , Alloy Heat experienced improved productivity and profitabilit, and increased performance of multi-tier manufacturing companies by improving transparency and responsiveness of subcontract treatment houses.

Aerospace Special Processes Improvement Productivity
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