Fitfactory Newsletter: September 2023

October 3, 2023

Tom Barnes

We are pleased to present the latest updates from Fitfactory, where we remain committed to pushing the boundaries and achieving excellence in the manufacturing technology industry. This September, our newsletter highlights our previous and upcoming award shortlistings and a new and convenient way for you to submit your Fitfactory support requests.

Celebrating Innovation: Northern Automotive Alliance Awards

We are deeply grateful to have attended the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) Awards, a remarkable event that brought together the most brilliant and innovative minds in the automotive industry. Our team at Fitfactory was delighted to be shortlisted for the Innovation Award, and even though we didn't win, we left the occasion feeling truly inspired.

We are immensely proud to have received recognition and commendation from McLaren for our innovative solutions in the automotive industry. We take great pride in this achievement and will continue to strive for excellence!

MakeUK Manufacturing Awards

While we may have fell short of the final prize at the NAA awards, we’re still looking hopefully towards the upcoming Make UK awards where we are also shortlisted for the award for Innovation.

Make UK is dedicated to fostering a conducive environment for the flourishing of UK manufacturers. Their mission is to cultivate a platform that nurtures innovation, competitiveness, and growth within the UK manufacturing sector.

To be recognised for our efforts by such a prestigious organisation, and against such stiff competition means the world to our whole team here at Fitfactory. Keep your eyes and ears open on October 19th for updates on the awards.

A New Support Channel

Next We want to provide an update on our new Freshdesk support system. The internal launch was a great success for our support team and we're excited to now extend this service to you. With the internal framework in place, we're ready to provide you with the autonomy to submit support requests online to you.

By using the Fitfactory Support portal, you can easily send off your support tickets and avoid spending time on the phone. This means you can focus on your production management while we take care of your requests. You'll receive email notifications for any ticket actions and updates on when your support request has been resolved. We hope this new system will make your experience with our support team even better.

Fitfactory All Hands

This month also hosted our quarterly Fitfactory all hands meeting, a rare opportunity where we get together to discuss what’s going on both commercially and internally with the team.

Since our previous team meeting we have had new faces join us, a great uptick in performance across the board, and the exciting news of our acquisition. The main takeaway from this all hands meeting was positivity and enthusiasm for big upcoming projects that we’ll have more information about soon!

Important Notice!

As of immediate effect the Fitfactory Fleet office will no longer be accepting correspondence

If you require support please contact our team at For any written correspondence please send to: Fusion Hive, North Shore Road, Stockton-on-tees, County Durham, TS18 2NB.

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