Paul Reardon – Celebrating 9 Years with Fitfactory/Tricorn

April 5, 2023

Tom Barnes

"I Originally started in sales, as Tricorn had no one doing full time sales, and on my first demo I managed to receive a PO and walk out with a cheque for full payment. That's when I realised I'd found a product and service I could advocate and sell.

About 5 years ago Tricorn was sold to Tom Dawes and Valuechain by my father Colin Reardon, I was undecided at first if I wanted to stay on but felt I had something to prove to my work colleagues and myself that I wasn’t just the owners son and could step up to help move the business forward. I certainly feel I achieved this as my sales figures over the years have improved consistently and my relationship with the Fitfactory customers has grown stronger.

Three years ago we changed our name to Fitfactory but still kept the main MRP solution we provided called Tricorn, this was important to me as the name Tricorn is very well recognised especially in the south of England which is always a benefit when speaking with new prospects as they have often heard of the software.

Just over a year ago I was promoted to Business Development Director, this has been one of main highlights since joining the company. I have a great relationship with our customer base and it has been fantastic to spend more time focusing on developing that relationship with regular site visits, this has given me the opportunity to take them through our SCALE journey, show them new developments in our solutions and provide a detailed path of business improvement.

I am really looking forward to being a part of Fitfactory as we continue to grow, we are developing a completely new MRP solution which will be Cloud-based. Alongside this we will also soon be showcasing our new Shop Floor Data Capture and Scheduler solutions as well as our new Machine Monitoring Software.

It is a very exciting time to be part of the Fitfactory, we have a fantastic team and I look forward to the foreseeable future working with the team as the company grows."

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