Made Smarter Selects Fitfactory as Industrial Digital Technology Advisor

October 24, 2022


Made Smarter has selected Fitfactory Technology as an Industrial Digital Technology Advisor as part of their North East Adoption Programme.

Fitfactory Joins Made Smarter North East Programme as Industrial Digital Technology Advisor
Fitfactory Joins Made Smarter North East Programme as Industrial Digital Technology Advisor

Made Smarter: Supporting Digital Adoption

The Made Smart Adoption Programme aims to unite people with the digital tools, innovation and skills they need to make an everyday difference to their business. Since launching its North West Pilot in 2019, the Made Smarter Adoption Programme has backed more than 200 technology projects, supporting 161 businesses with £3.9m match funding.

Now, they are rolling this programme out to the North East to support even more businesses. And Fitfactory Technology has been selected as an Industrial Digital Technology Advisor to help and advise companies on their journey.

The Benefits of Joining

By joining the programme, you’ll benefit from fully-funded advice from technology experts. They’ll help you identify the right digital tools to make everyday improvements to your business and support your staff to implement the new technology within the organisation.

The 3-stage process includes

  1. An initial one-to-one digital health check, helping you identify where improvements can be made in your business using digital technology.
  2. Intensive workshops looking at the solutions available, how the technology works in practice and how to successfully implement these changes within your business
  3. One-to-one support from an industrial digital technologies (IDT) specialist to move towards the implementation phase.

You’ll also be given support in identifying possible grant funding to help purchase new technology and equipment.

Participants in Made Smarter Adoption North East also benefit from fully-funded student and graduate placements, so you can create digital interns to help integrate the new technology into your business.

You can apply for the Made Smarter Programme in just 2-3 minutes, here:

Fitfactory and Digitalisation in the North East

At Fitfactory, we’re bridging the gap between industry and technology to make digitalisation achievable for all. Through our Streamline, Connect, Analyse, Level-up, and Extend (SCALE) framework, we provide an end-to-end digital transformation solution that gives customers a roadmap for their journey and simple-to-use technology to help them achieve their goals.

Fitfactory helps companies to SCALE through digital transformation
Fitfactory’s SCALE model

We have supported more than 400 manufacturing, engineering and treatment companies across the UK to adopt digital technologies and increase productivity.

In a recent interview, Fitfactory CCO Jason Pritchard mentioned that “At the moment, we are finding within the northeast that there is a lack of understanding from some of our customers, or even industry experts actually. So, sitting in the middle here at Fitfactory really helps us bridge the gap between the technology companies and engineering and manufacturing and feedback and breakdown what industry experts are saying OEMs are looking for. But also the other way around, we can tell them what the SMEs are actually capable of doing and where they are in their digital journey currently. So, it’s a thriving area, and we’re really excited to be here and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Apply for the Made Smarter North East Adoption Programme

If you’d like to apply, the registration process takes about 2-3 minutes to complete. If you are registered with Companies House, many fields in this form will auto-populate, so it’s a straightforward process.
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