Fitfactory Insights – October product update

October 24, 2022


We’re just weeks away from releasing the next update of our Business Intelligence platform, Insights, for manufacturing, engineering and treatments companies. This release introduces substantial new features which means Insights (formerly known as AnalytiQs) makes it even easier to turns insights into actions.

Here’s a first look at the new system:’s in the new Fitfactory Insights module?

New features

Let’s explore some of the new features in this release.


We’ve revamped the Insights Dashboard to make it easy to view critical information at a glance. The new grid system is easy to configure and adjust, while the new dashboard categories help you to stay organised. Additionally, you can now place up to 52 KPIs on your dashboard (compared to the previous limit of 6), and you can easily combine graphs, charts and KPIs to give you a snapshot of your performance in one place.

Providing customer insights dashboard
The new Fitfactory Insights Dashboard allows up to 52 KPIs in a single dashboard


Following the new rules & alerts feature we introduced in July, the Taskboard lets you track and monitor all your activities in one place. You can click into the detail of each task and see all the details behind it, including the dataset, the conditions to trigger, and who assigned it. If you require an update, you simply post a comment for your colleague. Additionally, you can see all of your completed tasks as a history of what has been done.

Insights Taskboard - manager rules & alerts
Manage rules and alerts with the new Insights taskboard
Insights Activity or Alert Source
Assign activities and monitor source information to make informed decisions

Reports Library & Integrations

We’ve added a number of integrations to help you monitor real-time information from your MRP system and machines. Additionally, we’ve made it quick and easy to get started with new integrations too, with our Insights Library. As you connect a new data source, you’ll have access to a library of reports to use. So, when you connect your MRP system to Insights, you will have a library of reports and dashboards specifically created for your systems. And we’ll keep adding more reports to the library, so you spend more time improving and less time building reports.

Insights - business intelligence report Library - DNA
Report library for DNA systems

Learn more about Insights

These are just a few of the improvements we’ve made to our Insights platform this quarter to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

If you’d like to learn more about Insights or want to begin using it in your factory, please speak to a member of our team using the button below.


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