Connecting Engineering & Manufacturing companies in the Fitfactory Network

October 24, 2022


Launching the Fitfactory Network

Fitfactory is excited to launch our new Fitfactory Network, in partnership with Valuechain Technology Ltd., to enable our MRP clients to connect, communicate and learn together.

The platform, which is hosted on Valuechain’s Network Portal, will be a collaborative platform to help us better communicate with our customers, and allow our customers to communicate with each other.

As Paul Reardon, Business Development Director at Fitfactory explained “in recent years, with the pandemic, we’ve seen a real need for togetherness and community between people and businesses. As the world has shifted to more online, we see this as an opportunity to support our customers in making new connections and speaking with others that are facing the same challenges.”

“Additionally, we see this as a critical component of our mission to enable manufacturers to SCALE their business through digital technology. Within the Valuechain platform, our community is just the beginning for our customers. It allows them to connect with other companies outside of our network, and promote their business to other companies in the North East Automotive Alliance, the West England Aerospace Forum, or Rail Forum Midlands to name a few. So this truly is a platform that will allow our customers to Extend their supply chain networks, and we’re delighted to be able to offer it.”

The Fitfactory Network hosted on Valuechain's Network Portal
The Fitfactory Network hosted on Valuechain’s Network Portal

How will this benefit Fitfactory Customers?

Our customers will be able to create your profile in minutes and use it to promote themselves and connect with more than 400 like-minded companies in the Fitfactory network. The free to join platform will enable Fitfactory to more readily communicate with our customers and will be a go-to source of all things Fitfactory!


  • Exclusive product hints & tips to get the most from your MRP system
  • See a clear product roadmap with upcoming features and products
  • Engage with product announcements to let us know what you’re excited about
  • Tell us which new features you’d like to see and receive direct feedback
  • Promote your company to a network of engineering & manufacturing companies
  • A forum for you to learn from other companies in the network


What is Valuechain Network Portal?

Network Portal is the place to be for manufacturing and engineering companies to build business-to-business networking.

Valuechain Geographic location map
Valuechain Geographic Location Map

We host via a secure platform to facilitate business-to-business collaboration, allowing members to:

  • Promote capabilities and approvals to win more work
  • Find the perfect partner for new projects
  • Engage with like-minded companies, by sharing news, connecting with companies and beginning the conversation
  • Stay up to date with the latest industry news
  • Benchmark performance and collaborate to improve
  • Connect with businesses across-sectors

Despite only launching recently, Valuechain Network Portal is already in use with leading Trade Associations, including NEAA, WEAF, RFM, and Reshoring UK, with over 2000 companies actively engaging with the platform.

To learn more and join the Fitfactory network, please contact us.


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