Increasing turnover by 50% with Loftlock Precision Engineering

Customer: Loftlock Precision Engineering
Location: Reading, Berkshire
Industries: Motorsport, Marine, Defence, Medical and Aerospace
Contact: Kevin Douglas, MD

Hoping for a more sophisticated system than one written by the owner of Loftlock, Fitfactory was the right choice for them, enabling a 50% increase in turnover!


Loftlock Ltd was founded in 1974 by its present owner, Kevin Douglas, who changed the name to Loftlock Precision Engineering Ltd in 2010 to more accurately reflect the type of business. After expanding through several premises in Reading, they now occupy a 7,000sq. ft unit in Woodley, where Kevin runs the business with his son, Steve.

From starting the business with two people, they now have a staff of eighteen and run both day and night shifts, enabling them to meet urgent deadlines. Their annual turnover is approximately £1.5m.

Specialising in a range of CNC machining services, they have clients in the Motorsport, Marine, Defence and Medical Industries, but the core of their business is the parts they manufacture for ejector and helicopter seats for the Aerospace Industry.

Until about seven years ago, Kevin worked with a system he had devised himself, having written his own software package for managing the business. He then decided it was time to move on to something more sophisticated.

Selection Process

Kevin said, “I looked at a couple of systems which didn’t impress me and then I went to an exhibition, where I met Fitfactory. I asked for a demonstration and liked what I saw, but still didn’t install it for a further year – until I got a nudge from the Fitfactory team!”

Implementing the System

Kevin continued, “Having initially written my own software for the company, I found Fitfactory’s system easy to understand and operate after it was installed, but if we have any questions or queries, they are right there to help. The support is excellent and they work remotely, which saves a lot of time.”

Impact on Business

Kevin concluded, “It has made a remarkable difference to the business. It has made us quicker and more efficient and I am really impressed with the traceability of all the data. It has helped us to grow – we could never have increased our turnover by 50% since the system was installed without the help of Fitfactory. I should have done it sooner!”

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