Cloud manufacturing software vs On-premise: which is right for you?
The rise of cloud manufacturing software, is newer, better? With advancing technologies and government initiatives around Industry 4.0, there is a greater push for use of cloud-based systems. This is true of all industries, but especially in manufacturing. Cloud-based systems can connect people, plant and systems with Internet of Things (IoT). This in-turn can enable lights-out automation, improved communication, and it can facilitate remote working too. The need for robots and machines in the factory to transmit information is generally understood. However, the true benefit comes from moving all systems to be cloud-based. Inclusion of cloud manufacturing software alongside cloud-based hardware accelerates
Aerospace MRP software review
The challenges and benefits of Aerospace MRP software Last month, we caught up with fitfactory’s Tom Dawes to discuss the challenges facing Aerospace subcontract manufacturers, and how software specifically designed for aerospace companies can help overcome these challenges. What are the fundamental benefits of MRP or ERP systems? An MRP/ERP is a coherent and integrated system that tracks and transacts on manufacturing process information, from placing requests for quotes on suppliers, tracking material through the factory, right through to issuing invoices once the finished product leaves for the customer. By implementing a digital system to manage this process, companies will
Calibration software: selecting the best solution
Ensuring your assets are effectively calibrated can be the difference between producing consistent products, and completely missing the customer specification. Therefore, it goes without saying that companies spend thousands of pounds every year to ensure their assets are performing optimally. So much so, that the calibration equipment itself can require monitoring. This is where calibration software comes in. Unfortunately, what may seem like an easy solution at first has a couple of options. To start, let’s break down the different types available and what they’re used for: Calibration management software helps you manage the measuring equipment you use to calibrate your
How to start your digital transformation in manufacturing
The digital transformation buzz in manufacturing The buzz around Industry 4.0 and digital transformation in manufacturing is becoming incessant. The call for AI, VR, Digital Twins – it can all seem a bit daunting. However, beneath the buzzwords and hype, behind the (what we like to call) ‘Icing technologies’ (that are exciting and shiny but sit on top of an already well designed factory), you get to the real substance of real value these technologies can generate for your business.  In fact, the Manufacturer’s Annual Manufacturing Report 2019 found that while 73% of manufacturers believe that digital technologies will produce ROI, more
How digital calibration management can improve productivity
Digital calibration management The industry is becoming more digital everyday. Everything from using robots in production, to taking a tablet onto the shopfloor, through to sensors on your machines. And, these tools are driving considerable improvements in manufacturing companies big and small. However, digital calibration management may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking digital. But, there’s significant potential for streamlining processes through adoption of digital calibration systems. And these can improve the overall productivity of quality teams. Previously, our blog discussed the 4 main types of calibration software on the market. And, with the movement towards connected
How to prepare for your Nadcap audit
The Nadcap Audit is an accreditation process has been designed to benefit both company and customer. With over 2,800 accredited Suppliers of Special Processes, being Nadcap approved is a crucial element of working in the industry and supplying into aerospace.  For many companies looking to supply into aerospace, the process of gaining accreditation can be daunting, and even for experienced metal finishers, preparing for your external auditors can be stressful.  To help more companies streamline this process, we’ve worked with our Nadcap approved customers to create an easy-to-follow guide on how to prepare for your Nadcap Audit, including tips and tricks make
What is Industry 4.0? Demystified
What is Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 is the next revolution in industrialization, or as many are calling it ‘the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, and is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. But what is Industry 4.0? What does it mean? What are the main challenges? And what can it do for your business? Let’s find out.  Building ‘The Smart Factory’ The aim for industry 4.0 is to create ‘smart factories’ that utilise automated computing algorithms to monitor physical processes, and make decentralized decisions. Once these factories have evolved into smart factories they will have the capabilities
Streamline Heat Treatment Operations with the Right Software
Streamline heat treatments operations with the right software Ten years ago, Apple advertised its newest iPhone model with the slogan, “there’s an app for that.” Since that time, specialised software and apps have proliferated beyond just consumers. Many different manufacturing companies used specialised software for everything from benchmarking to monitoring WIP. But, heat treatment companies that serve the aerospace industry have lagged behind other manufacturing sectors. Cutting-edge heat treatment technology – manual workflow monitoring Many heat process companies use cutting-edge technology in their heat lines but still rely on generic MRP systems that aren’t compatible with the heat treatment workflow.
AS9100 revisions C & D, what’s the difference and why?
With AS9100 Revision D now active, it’s vital that all aerospace companies are aware of and understand the changes made to the accreditation and what needs to be done to conform to the updates. The last thing you want is to be audited against the new standard to be found breaching one of the new specifications. AS9100 – What is it? In 2016, AS9100 Revision C saw an update alongside that of the ISO 9001 standard. Following its previous patterns, the aerospace accreditation continues to encompass the most recent version of ISO 9001 with additional aerospace specific requirements. AS9100 certification
10 things you need to know to win in Industry 4.0
If you’re new to the world of Industry 4.0, it can seem like this big, daunting phenomenon, but it’s really quite simple! – Industry 4.0 is the next revolution in industrialisation or as many are calling it ‘the Fourth Industrial Revolution’. It is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. There’s a lot involved in Industry 4.0, but we’ve examined the complex revolution in detail, and are able to bring to you the 10 nuggets of advice to help you succeed in Industry 4.0. 1. Create a Smart Factory The aim of Industry 4.0 is to
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